Friday, June 13, 2014

Five for Friday (June 13th 2014)

Woohoo! I seriously think I'm addicted to linky parties! Today I linked up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for some random fun about my week.

This was my first week back to any kind of work since I had Kenzi. I actually enjoyed it (a little)...well at least the adult interaction!!

I spent all day Monday packing and moving my entire classroom back to Kindergarten! I'm really excited to be back with my Kinders and have a bigger classroom! 

Wednesday morning I went to the district training for summer VPK. Glancing at my notes it might seem I was bored day dreaming BUT I actually just enjoy doodling on my notes. It helps relax me. In high school I was on the poster committee...yes we had a committee dedicated to posters & I LOVED it! Plus the Conscious Discipline was extremely helpful. Check it out for sure!

I got to enjoy a girls night out with my teacher friends this week. We went to a new painting class that one of my students parents own. I even received a gift card for Christmas! If you look closely in the middle you will see my dear friend Amy from Learning Lessons with Mrs. Labrasciano. She  matched her painting to her blog! How clever!?!

I threw together a quick little poster for our VPK front door to help the parents get to know our faces. We will only be teaching these kiddos for 15 days and then they will receive 2 new teachers for the end of summer. It can get confusing!

Tomorrow my husband and I will be supporting the USA Girls Soccer Team! Soccer games are actually a lot of fun. Mostly because you sing...well chant the entire time! A kindergarten teachers dream come true!!

That sums it up friends!! Have a Great Weekend!!


  1. I love the painting! I've done a few classes with landscapes and such, but I really like the initials. Very neat. If you are interested, I'm hosting Sell It Saturdays today at my blog. I'd love for you to link up!

    Teaching In A Nutshell

  2. Hi Kristin,
    The initials were fun because we all got to change it up a bit. We are all going to hang them on our doors! I'm very new to making products but as soon as I get the hang of it I would LOVE to link up :)