Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bright Tip Tuesday #3

Whoa! Two posts in one's getting crazy around here!

This weeks Bright Tip includes another freebie! As a Kindergarten teacher I always start the year off with students who can't write their name. This is a very important skill in the classroom & I wanted a simple way for all students to practice. I decided to make a student sign-in sheet and include this in my students morning routine.

I change this activity every nine weeks. The changes are as follows:

1st nine weeks: Students will only practice their first name. I start by allowing them to trace on top of their name that I have typed.

2nd nine weeks: Students will write their first name next to the name I typed.

3rd nine weeks: Students will write their first and last name after the name I typed.

4th nine weeks: Student will use a blank sheet to write their first and last name by themselves!!

I use the vertical sheet for the 1st and 2nd nine weeks.

I use the horizontal sheet for the 3rd and 4th nine weeks.

All you need to do is insert a text box to type in your class list! I copy these front to back to save on paper & attach them to a clipboard. I also choose a handwriting winner each day! You could even slide the copies into a clear plastic sleeve and use expo markers!

Enjoy :)

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