Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pet Linky: Meet my Pets!

Oh how exciting! I get to blog about my "other" children!!! My pets are definitely a big part of my life and I'm excited I get to share them with you!

Get ready for picture overload. 

This is Dallas (our dog) and Pazza (our first cat)
Meet CoCo who sleeps anywhere!
We have taken Dallas on several road trips! This was in Colorado!
Dog Beach!
Dallas with our first daughter Kylee!
Family picture that of course included the dog! 

Now the story behind the cuteness. My husband (boyfriend at the time) and I adopted our first cat, Pazza one random afternoon at the pet store. We literally paid twenty five dollars for cat supplies and got the kitten for free. Can you say BARGAIN?? That's how we felt as two poor college students. We named her Pazza because she had so many quirks that were NOT cat like. She would get in the shower...wait what? Crazy right? She also let us cradle her like a baby...she still does this! Well Pazza means crazy in Italian so BAM it was the perfect name for her!

About a year later I was scrolling through the animal shelter pictures like all normal people! Ha! I couldn't believe my eyes.... I spotted an adorable Siamese kitten and fell in love! Seriously, I drove an hour to pick her up and on the way home she got car sick. It was quite the experience. I'll leave the details out but just know she did not like getting in the shower like her sister!

And then came our dog! I do love my cats but this dog has stolen my heart! He is so gentle and loving with our girls and is such a sweet boy! He was actually a BIG surprise from my husband. When I graduated college my parents took us to New Orleans and when I returned his family was at our house. I walked in the door to a wrapped up, huge box shaped gift that was also whining! YAY!! It was love at first sight (insert heart eyed emoji here)!!!

I must admit that although I LOVE my pets I have never been able to have a class pet. Maybe after I parade through these other fabulous blog I will change my mind?

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