Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bright Tip Tuesday

So my favorite thing to find on Pinterest and teacher blogs has always been clever tricks. I like things that make life a little less hectic in the classroom. I've decided to share some of the ideas I use in my own classroom. I mean doesn't everyone want to make life easier??

I'd say my favorite tip so far is actually the easiest. We as teachers are ALWAYS receiving things from others. Sometimes they are physical items and other times just nice gestures. I also know that I really like LOVE little notes from people. That's when I decided to create an easy go to thank you card that I can grab and send away.

The best part is you can use these too! This is my first freebie EVER so please leave feedback so I can learn from the best!
Click the picture below to download your own copy.


  1. Excellent idea! I am going to print them on bright colored cardstock. I'm thinking neon. My principal gave me a tip my very first year teaching -- sign your name using a sharpie and then copy on the copy machine. It looks more authentic, and you can't even tell they are copies!

    1. P.S. You should make this a link up, so other bloggers can add their bright tips too! Check out this website to add the link up --

    2. That's exactly what I like to print them on. Thanks for following me as well! I'm going to look into that link-up soon!! Thanks!!