Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bright Tip Tuesday #2

Hello again! I'm back with a super easy quick tip. This tip requires no money and very little time but comes with some hand slapping fun!! I'm talking about "high-fives".

I use these to help my students learn all kinds of things. I'd say we use them more often to help with sight words but since I'm teaching VPK this summer I've made them to help with name recognition first.

Once they master those "high fives" I will change them to our weekly letters and sounds. 

The idea of this trick is simple. On the way out the door all students must "high five" a hand and say what is written on it. Sometimes I ask them to slap them all, sometimes only one. It really just depends on how much time we have to get out the door!!

The reason I love this activity so very much is because I've seen it work. Children love high fives and they learn quick from repetition! 

Now for a little giveaway. All you have to do is enter below for your chance to win the Alphabet "High-Fives"!
I hope you can find at least one way to use these in your rooms! The possibilities are endless!!!

High-five friends! 

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