Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Well even though I'm on a fabulous mini vacation with my family I've decided to join a super fun linky party! It's my first time linking up with Miss Decarbo at Sugar and Spice. 

Vacation with a 2 year old and 5 month old is no joke. As exhausting as it can be it's actually in many ways better than vacationing just the 2 of us. Everything is way more exciting in the eyes of children.

For example: throwing a sticky hand toy from Dave & busters at the wall for 30 minutes desperately trying to delay bedtime!!! Who am I kidding...that was actually just as fun for me too! 

Anyways the point to this ramble (and there is a point) is that the one down fall of vacation with little ones is early bedtimes. We can stretch her to about 8:30 before the tantrum monster erupts...and we do not want that eruption around here. So my husband and I are stuck in a dark hotel room with nothing to do! Which is why I am forced (that's what I tell my husband) to join this Linky Party! See the ramble was justified...but this post is becoming very far from "wordless"! Oops!

Keeping on the vacation theme the picture I'm sharing with all of your is my little girls unpacked suitcase. This is also going to be a part of my Bright Tip Tuesday!!

In the picture you can see I put an entire outfit (bows, panties, socks included) into a ziplock. This is AMAZING! So amazing that even daddy could dress the girls and they didn't come out wearing mismatched clothes and no bow! 

So my question to all you wonderful teachers (and mommys) is "what's your Bright Tip for traveling with little ones?"

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