Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Back to School Linky-Week 3-Classroom Decoration

It's time for my weekly Back 2 School linky with Miss. V's Busy Bees and Mrs. D's Corner. This week's topic is Classroom Decoration! Aghhhh I could seriously shop for my classroom forever. Seriously. I have a problem!

I have only been able to go to my classroom once this summer. That day being today! I taught first grade last year but went on maternity leave in February. I now get to go back to Kindergarten for the uncoming school year (my happy place) and that means a new room. I had one day to completely pack up my old room and haul it accross the school. One day. Let's just say it was a lot of throw these things in a box or on a rolling shelf and get me out of here. I was kicking myself today when I walked into this...

As you can see I did bring some helpers (my 5 month old included--who is not pictured because I'm holding her!!!) hoping to accomplish at least the furniture set-up. Yea not even close. We moved about half of the furniture before it turned into me holding Kenzi (who was suppose to be napping) and picking up the millon math manipulatives that hurricane Kylee got into. My husband stayed positive and that is the only reason ANY furniture was moved!

The best news is he said we can go back tomorrow to at least finish moving furniture. I'm pretty sure I need a babysitter for the organizing and decoration visits. Which brings me to this post...the rambling was justified right? 

Even though I have yet to actually laminate and hang I've been working HARD all summer on decorations for my room. The first thing I made was a huge bundle of bright chevron decor!

Bright Chevron Classroom Decoration Bundle

My printer has been put to good use this summer! I also made all of these fun projects that you can find on my Monday Made It posts :) There are lots of freebies too!

Stay tuned for a full classroom tour once I get a babysitter my act together and get some work done! Happy Decorating!

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