Thursday, July 17, 2014

Back to School Linky - Behavior Management

Another linky...I'm so excited! Even though it is a BIG wake up call that I have a lot to do before school starts in 4 weeks. I can't wait to read everyone's wonderful ideas for back to school!

This week's topic is behavior management. We sometimes have a love/hate relationship with this! My passion for management is because children THRIVE in a structured and positive learning environment. I've had my fair share of "behavior children" and honestly have learned so much! One student in particular started the year hissing and grunting under my guided reading table during a shared reading lesson. However ended the year making significant gains in behavior and some in academics as well. He did need an extra year to master the standards and we both agreed to share another year of fun and learning together. This is what we teach for right?!?! Making a difference in our students life's!!

My first tip involves popcorn! Who doesn't love popcorn?!?!
What you need:
Two popcorn bins from the dollar store.
A large ladle from the dollar store.
Some popcorn kernels from ANYWHERE!

How it works:
Anytime the class is working together or anything positive you can give them a scoop or two or kernels. The opposite goes for negative behaviors. You can dip the ladle in just to make some noise and BAM watch the class grow quiet! It's magical. When you fill up the empty bucket the class earns a popcorn party. MMMMM

Behavior Signs are another way to encourage positive praise in the classroom. Like most classrooms I do use the color clip system and LOVE it. My highest color is pink so I made these fun signs to put on the students desk for the day IF they reach the color pink. I love that it gives extra attention to that student for the day. My favorite is when a visitor enters the classroom and can easily praise the student for earning the pink! Here's what the sign looks like:

You can read more about these on this blog post. Even better... you can grab your freebie here!!

See you next week to talk about assessment!


  1. I love the idea of having the sign on the desk! What a great encouragement.

    Down the Learning Road

  2. Those are SUPER great ideas!!!!! Where did you get the pink frame???? I love it!!!!!
    Mixing it up in Middle

  3. It's actually the white frames from IKEA! I spray painted it pink :)