Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bright Tip Tuesday #4 & #5

Well apparently I forgot my Bright Tip last week....oops! I hope you will forgive me! I'm going to share 2 tips on this post as a way to make it up to you guys!

The first tip is all about STUDENT organization. In my class I have a few puzzles to use with my students for developmental centers and even as a reward. Sometimes my students would play with several puzzles at a time and when cleaning time arrived...well let's just say it was "puzzling"! All the pieces were mixed together. I decided to label my puzzles with a shape and put the matching shape on the back of each puzzle piece. WOW! This made quite the difference and it even got a little extra sorting practice in!!! The best part of this tip is it can be used for ANYTHING! I use it on my reading and math game pieces as well. Here is an example:

The next tip is all about TEACHER organization. I don't know about you but I use a lot of anchor charts and some of them are laminated so I can re-use them each year. Sometimes I even make a chart with my students and tell them I had to publish it overnight...then I bring out the pretty one. Clearly this is not every chart though. Kid made charts are a must!! 

Anyways onto the tip...all you need is a toilet paper roll! I roll the charts up and slide them into the toilet paper roll. It keeps them perfectly rolled and organized!! I then label the roll with the name of the chart. If we want to get super organized you can even color code your subjects!

Then you can throw them in a tall plastic laundry or trash bucket. Viola! Organized anchor charts!! Decorating my bucket is on my Monday Made It list this summer so stay tuned!!

Chat with you soon friends!!

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