Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Chart Fairy & a FREEBIE!

Hi Friends,
   Can I actually say that I'm getting in the groove??? I had time tonight to blog AND upload to TPT. Is this real life? I don't believe so. Slow down Kristen. Let's not get ahead of ourselves...Monday morning I will be feeling the to-do list stress once again!!

But for now I don't feel it at all and I decided to do a real QUICK blog post discussing my classroom "Chart Fairy". Do you have a "Chart Fairy" in your classroom? If will soon. Very soon!

We all make a bazillion anchor charts each day. Right? Some are great for posting around the room, especially if the students wrote on them as well! However some most in my class are a hot mess of sloppy letters, interesting illustrations and faded markers. TRUTH. For the perfectionist side of me this poses BIG problems. Until the chart fairy comes in over night (or over the weekend) and changes those charts into masterpieces!

So now I share with my wonderful teacher friends...the fancy Daily Five Anchor Charts! Just click the image to snag your free copy!

Happy {early} Friday!!


  1. I need a chart fairy. Today I had to resort to writing with an ugly brown marker because my black ran out... mid letter. Do your words always end up slanting downward? IT IS AWFUL!!! Thanks for these adorable signs. It will add a little extra to my Daily 5 board and I can hide the *hideous* ones we made as a whole group!!

    Funky in Fourth

  2. You're so welcome! We have all been there...those charts can be rough! Haha!