Friday, September 26, 2014

Five for Friday!

Hello friends! It's been quite a week...and its ending with a day off work taking care of my sick little girl. We will share more on that later!

  I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday. Make sure you click the link to add to the fun!!!

This weekend we went and looked at model homes in a beautiful neighborhood with trails and weekend farmer's markets! I would LOVE to move there but we have a lot of thinking to do. I took this adorable picture of my oldest because she was OBSESSED with the "big girl room". I can't wait to have "Santa" update her room! She is growing up so fast!!!

We also got our family pictures taken this weekend. I adore this photo and I'm not even sure how she captured this beautiful moment because this photo session was ROUGH! My oldest (Kylee) decided she didn't want to take pictures and literally threw a massive fit! Kenzi was a happy girl until mommy walked away and she screamed her little lungs out. We had to call the session a wrap and are going to try another mini-session in the backyard. Fingers crossed!!

As far as the classroom goes we are getting into the groove of collaborative work. We introduced our bear share technique and the kids are discussing beautifully! It's so simple. All you need is a bear manipulative (which we all have) and a group of students. The rules are very simple. Whoever has the bear does the talking and everyone else listens! We love to use this technique to share our sticky notes, writing and our ideas. 

For this activity we read the book "I have a Pet" by Shari Halpern- you can grab a copy here:

After reading the story we split into groups to answer "What pet do you want and why?" They used the bears to share ideas first and then got to work. After the posters were complete the students got to share with everyone else! Loved it!

I also had a proud moment when my intern used my Bubble Gum Comparing Numbers Packet to organize our math stations. She was perfectly organized and didn't miss a beat. The students had so much fun and their test scores were AMAZING! I'm excited that I can continue to work with her next semester for her final internship!! She is going to be an AMAZING teacher!!

You can grab a copy of the packet by clicking the picture below. Best Part?!?! It's on sale until Sunday Night!!!

And now...the most pathetic picture ever. This little girl has a 103.4 fever! We took her to the doctor today and they aren't sure what's going on. We are on an antibiotic for "just in case" purposes. Since it's the weekend we won't have our test results until Monday. Fingers are double crossed that its NOT strep throat...please please please!

The good news is that she wants to cuddle. I love having her cuddle with me! 
Have a great weekend everyone!! We will be working hard to keep our family AWAY from germs...impossible I know.

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